Grimsby Town Hall
Grimsby Town Hall

As the Tory Government carries on with it’s now discredited austerity program, councils are hard pressed to manage budgets. However with resolute thinking, innovative ideas, and a long term vision Councils can bring hope to a long term balancing of the budgets and service delivery people expect. However there are some Councils that are showing signs of complete melt down:-

  • Northamptonshire
  • East Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Lancashire
  • Somerset
  • Norfolk
  • Barnet

What do these Councils have in Common? Well for a start they are all run by the Tories, now let’s explore locally what “our“ Tories have said and done.

For a start in the Council Chamber they are in complete denial of the Governments role draining money from areas like ours and think they can carry on as normal. An example of this is a petition(they organised) to reinstate grass cutting to its previous levels, without finding the money to do so. They oppose any Council tax rise, which we all want to do, but hard decisions must be made! They never propose an alternative budget, why is this, is it because the lack in financial ability, show lack of vision or don’t have the steel to make hard decisions.  For those close to the Council, we would say all three and some!

So where would our Council be, if the Tories were running it, most probably on the list of other Tory Councils struggling to balance the books!

Something else that these councils have in common, is that they have outsourced services to the private sector and have lost the economy of scale that can bring savings, our Tories did the same here, now we have Engie as a legacy of their time in charge!

Some say: – “that the Tories are financially competent”, you must be joking!!!

What we say is, “you can never trust a Tory!”

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