Jane's assesses the Council Administration

Amazing to see that Phillip Jackson has the nerve to say that under his leadership the council has moved forward regarding the Town Deal.
This Town deal came about after many conversations with David Ross in London along with our chief exec and then leader of the council, Ray Oxby.
The key issue is he says successive administrations turned their back on the riverside. That is a false claim. The Town Deal clearly had that-and the renaissance of the docks and historic waterfront buildings, and all three Town Centres-at its heart when the then leader signed it off in July 2018 with Jake Berry-secretary of state.

It also included the Garth Lane redevelopment with a University presence, youth zone, investment in the Heritage Centre, museum asset improvement to showcase our maritime artefacts and heritage. We also pushed Freeport status too. We had land deals in place for the transfer of key docks assets from ABP and Tom Shutes plans were all developed and approved by Ray Oxby and the chief exec and his team, then agreed by our Cabinet. There is nothing new that he said there is in his “flagship” statement!
Yes, there was a delay in bringing the funding forward from Government but that was due to Brexit. Virtually everything stopped with Brexit and the lead up to a General election. He doesn’t mention homelessness nor the need to address the vagrancy problem inherent in that. He merely states enforcement will increase to address antisocial behaviour in the town centre! This is misleading and he should address the cause of the problem-more social and affordable housing- not just enforcement which merely addresses the symptoms which moves the problems elsewhere.

Nothing new, operational and “popularity “policies from a moribund and shallow administration. No mention of the need to safeguard and support the elderly and vulnerable children (i.e. social care). Nothing about Public Health leadership especially now after Covid19! They’d be better leading a parish council than a Unity authority.
Also, to split the south bank from the Humber LEP is a deplorable act.
When we are making a name and identity on the Humber region (especially in economic recovery post Covid) for green energy and developing an International Humber brand to then break it up for party political purposes-i.e. a blue historical greater Lincolnshire-is madness.

Cllr Jane Hyldon-King

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