This virus has shown that the Government is inept.
This virus has shown that the Government is inept.



Ever since the coronavirus outbreak began, the Government have tried to portray it like a war where the nation’s citizens were united against a common enemy. So we’ve seen rainbow drawings in people’s houses, along with the clapping for NHS “heroes” on a Thursday night.


Trouble is, the oft-repeated mantra that “we’re all in it together” has been false right from the start, and now can be seen as a means of trying to prevent criticism of what’s been going on. After all, who dares question a united effort? Well I do, and now so do many more after the Dominic Cummings fiasco blow a whole in the Tory strategy.


Let’s now give a few facts. To begin with, those who’ve appeared on our TV screens warning us of the dangers of Covid 19 have been lucky enough to stay in their well-paid jobs. Millions though have been furloughed, and may well not have employment to go back to. Indeed there are already 2.8 million jobless in the UK.


What’s more, the individuals we’ve heard give media broadcasters are all well-paid, and this likely to have nice houses to return to at the end of their working day. It was certainly easier to “stay at home” if you lived in such a property with a garden to boot than if your dwelling was and is a room or two in a block of flats. Similarly social isolation was a lot different if there was no-one else in your household.


Of course there was always the internet and social media to keep you in touch with the world. If that is you were connected. Many of the most vulnerable don’t have on-line access at home, and thus couldn’t take part in Zoom, Teams or Skype connections, nor even purchase goods without leaving their homes. Figures are also now appearing which show the divide between children who could take part in distance learning or not. Normal times might have seen men and women accessing the computer at their local library. But these remain shut even though bookies are now open! A sad indictment on the Tories’ priorities.



remember herd immunity, Government at its worse!
remember herd immunity, Government at its worse!

Today if you’ve a car, you can more or less go as you please. Otherwise you’re warned off public transport, with local bus services operating to a reduced timetable and having limited seating because of social distancing. On top of this we have to wear some kind of face covering, never thought necessary until 12 weeks into lockdown. A gimmick me thinks to give the impression something is being done.


Finally, but by no means last in importance, those from the BAME community, with pre-existing medical conditions and living in the most disadvantaged areas are more at risk from catching or dying from the virus.


No equality there, just the same old Tory Britain!



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